Sacred music

Canticum Canticorum - the sacred symbol of the love in the Middle ages (XII - XIV cent.). 8 elements voices and instruments.

Claustrum Beatitudinis - latin lauds from Monastery of Saint Colombano in Bobbio XIII - XIV cent. 9 elements voices and instruments.

O spem Miram - Office and Mass for Saint Domenico according to the song of the Order of the Preachers XIII cent. 5 voices

Neophytos - song of Holy Week from byzantine - latin chant in Italy (IX - XI cent.) and libanese orthodox chant in arabic - greek language. 7 elements voices (libanese singer) and oriental instruments.

Cantus Planus - Discantus - the liturgic polyphonic singing in Italy (XIII - XIV cent.) 5 elements voices

Sybilla Caelestium Revelationum - the female mystic universe in the mi singings in the visions of Hildegard from Bingen. 9 elements famale voices and instruments.

Missa Italica super contrafactum - parodic missa on profan ballade of Ars Nova (XIV - XV cent.) 3 male voices

Como Santa Maria - story of morish and christian mi in Spain medieval of the XIII century (XIII cent.) 4 elements voices and instruments

Danielis Ludus - the play of XIII cent. 40 elements (voices and intruments), show in scenic form.

Profane music

Ondas do mar - mediterranean love songs of the XIII cent. 4 elements

Berenguer e Martin - el cantar de amor in Spain (XII - XIII cent.). 4 elements

Aines - provencial mystery of XV cent. show in scenic form. 10 elements

Novelle di G. Sercambi - with the musics of the Ars Nova 6 elements, voices instruments and an actor

Dido, Orpheus, Phebus, Parnasus ... - music at Ferrara in the XV cent. 6 elements voices and instruments

Ballatas and Madrigals during the Signoria of Paolo Guinigi (XV cent.) 8 elements, voices and instruments


EPOS, latin songs, epic and convival, at the Carolingian age (IX - X  cent:)


Ethnic Baroc Porject

Lo Guarracino, tarantellas, calacionates and Neapolitan arias at the end of the 18th century

Turcherie  - ottoman fashion music  between XVI and XVIII cent. 6 elements