music of early Middleage


Latin songs, epic and convivial, at the time of Charlemagne (sec. IX - X)


The Carolingian age marks an important moment in the history of medieval poetry and medieval music. In a manuscript of the ninth century, from Aquitaine, have kept a number of compositions related to historical facts of this dynasty, which represent an important repertoire elegiac and epic of the first thousand. While seemingly small, the number of songs collected here, represents an important "repertoire" of the time, offering the knowledge of the epic tradition and convivial, where strong are the reminiscences with classical latin tradition: Ovid, Boethius and Virgil. Just about the latter, the discovery of music fragments from Aeneis are a precious documents that testifies to the practice (early Middle Ages) to sing the verses of this monumental poem.

In this concert are then collected precious relics of an age musically little explored and almost never performed in modern times. The agreement we are proposing is an opportunity to listen profane medieval repertory oldest, came to us and its poetic charm and sound. Even in choosing organological were reconstructed instruments of their time, mentioned in part in the song “Iam dulcis amica venito”: tibia (flute), the cithara and lyra (zither), the fidula (bow string instrument), in addition the psalterio (dulcimer) and percussion.



Ensemble Cantilena Antiqua – dir. Stefano Albarello


Stefano Albarello:      singer, lyra, cythara, “lembum”

Paolo Faldi:                tibiae

Gianfanco Russo:       fidulae

Marco Muzzati:          cymbala, psalterium, tintinnabulum

Listen: Bella bis quinis

Watch: Ut quid iubes pusiole

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